The benefits of natural ingredients for dogs are well documented. Farmers Market Pet Food is natural, with added vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog gets the best out of life. Omega 3 and fatty acids have been proven to help maintain healthy skin and coats. While Vitamins E, B6 and B12 can help support immunity. Prebiotic inulin assists with your dog’s healthy digestion. Farmers Market meals maintain meat as the #1 ingredient. Combined with vitamin-rich vegetables, our meals provide balanced nutrition, and of course that fresh taste your dog loves!


Ingredients fresh from the farm.

Most of us live in the city, far removed from the farmyard. But we all know that vitamin-rich vegetables and fresh, meats sourced from the farm will provide better nutrition and taste than processed foods. We demand it for ourselves, so why not for our pets? At Farmers Market we strive to deliver you and your pet wholesome, natural nutrition – and great taste!

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No artificial colours and flavours

Natural, healthy eating means food free from artificial colours and flavours. Fresh vegetables and meat provide the nourishment your pet needs, and our clever packaging techniques ensure your pet’s food stays fresh, just the way nature intended.


Natural Ingredients You Can See

We proudly source our whole, natural ingredients from farms, and carefully craft our recipes to deliver delicious, balanced nutrition. Our innovative M.I.N.T - Macro Infusion of Nutrients Technology - allows us to infuse each piece of kibble with vegetables, ensuring your pet receives maximum nutrition with each bite.

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