There's nothing more important than a healthy happy pet, and thats why chilled pet food can offer your pet a healthy and nutritious meal. 

That’s because the main ingredient in the Farmers Market Chilled range is fresh Australian meat. Steam cooked with farm fresh vegetables to lock in the goodness. All of which provides your pet with a complete balanced diet that’s naturally packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Nutritious meals that helps them maintain a healthy coat and better immunity.

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  1. FRESH - Made with Australian Fresh meat and vegetables and refrigerated all the way from manufacture to the store chiller to maintain freshness.
  2. Vital Nutrients - The cooking process is the key difference – chilled pet food is steam cooked at lower temperatures and gently pasteurised and cooled to retain vital nutrients.
  3. Taste and Variety - A great range of healthy and delicious meals for your pet featuring superfoods like quinoa and chia or just like us, our pets enjoy variety and a range of tastes, to keep them stimulated and interested in their meals. Fresh pet food comes in lots of flavour and texture variants, from rolls, trays, bites, ready to serve meals.



Farmers Market Chilled fresh pet food is the perfect accompaniment to Dry food for a well-rounded meal.  If your pet is new to fresh pet food, make sure you introduce the fresh food into their diet gradually.  For example, on days 1, 2, and 3, serve 75% of their normal dry food, with 25% of their meal as Chilled food.  After this gradually move to 50% dry and 50% chilled, for a fresh nutritious diet they will love. 

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