Real food, real flavour. From Farm to Bowl .

At Farmers Market, our philosophy is simple: We believe your pet deserves real food. Our wholesome, nourishing meals are made with honest ingredients from real farms, just like you’d find at your local farmer’s market and prepare in your own kitchen. We proudly source our whole, natural ingredients from the farms, and carefully craft our recipes to deliver delicious, balanced nutrition. Where possible, we apply slow cooking techniques to ensure our food retains its nutrients and taste. It’s our commitment to real food and real taste that makes us unique, and makes us the first choice for owners who demand wholesome nourishment for their pets.


Product of the Year

Farmers Market is proud to announce we have won the Product of the Year Award in the Pet Care Category for 2018. The Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, with 13,500 Australian consumers taking part.

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Our commitment to natural.

Real food means real flavour. We’re committed to creating nourishing meals for pets, with high quality, natural ingredients proudly sourced from the farms. You can trust that we’ve taken the time to find quality natural ingredients for your pet and applied slow cooking methods to fully extract the best nutrition from them.

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Ready to eat goodness.

Our pets are our family, and they deserve the very best, but if you live in the city, you don’t always have time to prepare their meals yourself. That’s where we come in, with wholesome, balanced meals expertly prepared and ready to serve. Our recipes are carefully designed with dogs’ nutrition and tastes in mind, and feature succulent meats gently cooked to seal in the flavour.

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